Is the earth flat?! Why we wrote Useless Facts.

Drumpf stop motion character on stop motion table with American flag and says zero dollars

Why we wrote Useless Facts

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok—all these platforms that we use every day have one thing in common: they are businesses that want to keep you on their platform for as long as possible. So, if controversy keeps you on their site, then the algorithm keeps pushing that type of content. Have you ever clicked a couple of flat-earth videos to see what all the fuss is about, and then been served up even more videos on ridiculous topics?

You might be thinking: so, what? It’s freedom of speech. If some idiot wants to believe the earth is flat, and that injecting yourself with bleach cures coronavirus, then let them be, it doesn’t affect me. But it could! If that idiot goes on to become your local MP, and passes idiotic policies with other idiots, then that might be a problem. And you could argue that’s already the case. Denying climate change, and all its consequences, is so normal that debate programs now often have a nutcase on their panel in order to make their programs more "balanced".

Look, the problem isn’t that you can’t question things. Even climate change denial, as insane as it is, should not be silenced. By having an open public discussion about things we might find common ground on these issues. The climate change denier might simply be worried about job security, which let’s be honest is the most normal thing in the world.

It will take time for us all to develop a healthy relationship with these new technologies. I believe that companies like Google will have a very positive effect on society. However, there are other social media providers that could continue to have an extremely negative impact.

Useless Facts red stamp on real world facts

The tech companies might now be too big to regulate.


About the Song

Are feelings more important than facts? Does the truth even matter anymore? We live in a world where it’s easier to spread disinformation, than information. And spreading lies is more powerful too. Why stick to telling the truth, when you can get away with twisting it? The truth is boring, lies are more entertaining, and they pit people against each other — win!

Useless Facts is a song about how the truth doesn’t matter anymore.

About the Video

We made the video at the peak of lockdown. The stop-motion video was entirely made by us, all 2000 frames. We didn’t have a big budget, so we used things lying around the house. Drumpf’s hair, for instance, is from a Weetabix box because we didn’t have a yellow felt-tip.

Music: Recorded, produced and mixed by Gandekko
Video: Filmed, edited and processed by Gandekko